There are many historical misconceptions around wool, in years past wool has been a fiber that can be itchy or somewhat scratchy when wearing it. It has also been pigeon holed over the years as a bulky winter clothing option and sometimes seen as a bit daggy. With the advancement in technology and more and more fashion labels utilizing this amazing fiber these misconceptions are now being exposed for what they are ‘wrong’.

Wool is an incredibly versatile and adaptable product which can be used to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. It can be woven, knitted and stitched to create some amazing products we can all enjoy ALL YEAR ROUND. With its ability to breath against our skin this super fiber can in fact keep our body heat regulated in summer thus keeping us cooler. This has a major advantage over synthetics which no not have the ability to breath making it harder for our body to regulate against the temperatures causing us to sweet and make the garment smell and become unpleasant to wear.

Through the advancements in technology Wool can now be stitched to create garments as soft and thin as silk giving the us the ability to wear wool garments throughout the year for any occasion. Wool has broken the shackles of the old school knit and has now become a cornerstone in the world of high-end fashion with many designers now identifying the amazing design properties of wool.

With wool’s natural characteristics and its ability to breath, absorb and distribute moisture allows wool to have odour resistant properties, un-like non-natural synthetic fibers wool gives you a protection against bacteria and smells allowing wearers to potentially use the garment multiple time before washing it.

As wool is a natural fiber it is grown and sourced sustainably allowing it to be produced with minimal environmental impact against other non-natural fibers. It is one of Australia’s Primary Industries, employing 100,000s of people across the country and driving our nation’s economy. Wool has been in our national psyche for generations, Australia is seen as an industry leader in its production throughout the world.

So next time you are deciding on purchasing clothing why not choose this super fiber, you can’t go wrong.

September 17, 2018 — simon maylor