The Williams Woolshed is in the heart of one of Western Australia’s sheep growing regions, our beautiful little town is found 150km South East of Perth and is amongst some of the States most fertile and successful farming land. When the opportunity came up to work with one of our key suppliers Merino & Co to utilize wool grown right here in Williams to produce high quality garments, The Woolshed’s owners jumped at the opportunity.

From that point on the ‘Williams Wool’ journey began! The Woolshed worked with Australian Wool Network (AWN) a parent company to Merino & Co and began facilitating grower information sessions. From these introductory sessions we began to canvas support from farmers wanting to join this exciting new opportunity that allowed them to track their wool from sheep’s backs right through to production of garments and point of sale at the Williams Woolshed.

The Woolshed have worked closely with AWN and Dyson Jones to ensure the correctly specified wool is acquired which would ultimately go into creating these garments. Once enough wool was sourced it was then sent on a sea contained over to China for the weaving stage of the process. From China it was sent onto New Zealand for further processing and blending to create the final fiber type. From New Zealand it was then sent back to Melbourne Australia were this amazingly soft and natural fiber was then turned into a range of high-end Merino Snug products which in turn will be sent right back to where it all began, in Williams to be sold to the public via the Williams Woolshed.

This project has a multitude of advantages to a whole host of stakeholders, from the individual farmer who can trace their wool through the entire supply chain, to the Williams community that can be placed on the map for its hard work as a primary wool producing location and to the Williams Woolshed who can promote and tell the story of this locally grown wool. 

September 17, 2018 — simon maylor